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Accounting services for the entrepreneur in you. Start-up, musician, artist or otherwise, I can help you with the nitty gritty for the set-up of your business, including account and tax preparation.



I believe that some of the most passionate individuals start a business to bring about change, whether it be through bring new concepts and products to market, or through promoting social change (and in some cases both). I want to support those businesses, and outline my core values that underpin this vision  – 


People is everything – accounts by nick offers a personal service, prioritising the people aspect of accounting through face-to-face meetings and understanding the passions that have taken individuals to step into business.


The importance of quality – accounts by nick aims to deliver to each and every individual excellence, providing what is promised and adding value to each business.


Integrity, integrity, integrity – accounts by nick upholds the highest professional standards in accordance with this code of ethics outlined by ICAS, a thought leader for Chartered Accountants.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy. According to the November 2014 statistical release[1] from the Department for Business Innovation & Skills, at the start of 2014, there were 5.2m private sector businesses, 330,000 more than the previous year, of which 197,000 were thought to be sole traders. 99% of the 5.2m private sector businesses were small and micro businesses, they employ 25.2m people (48% of UK private Sector employment), and have a combined turnover of 1600bn (33% of the private sector).  In short, small businesses matter.

[1]  bpe_2014_statistical_release

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