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Accounting services for the entrepreneur in you. Start-up, musician, artist or otherwise, I can help you with the nitty gritty for the set-up of your business, including account and tax preparation.

company timelines

for a private company, you have 9 months from the accounting reference date to file your annual accounts with companies house. you have 9 months 1 day to pay your corporation tax 12 months after your company year end.

if you file small audit exempt accounts, you may be able to jointly file accounts with both companies house and hmrc.

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company requirements

you’ll need to prepare an annual return – a snapshot of certain company information (i..e name of company, registered number, registered office, details of directors to name a few…) at the made-up date.

as a director of the company, you’ll also need to prepare annual accounts – for instance, this requires all entries for money received/paid by the company and a record of assets & liabilities. Private companies need to retain records for 3 years from the date made.

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